Felt Roofing

You may be worried about the problems associated with flat roofs.

With RF Roofing there’s no need to worry, our flat roofing systems offer superior durability and water tightness.

Torch-on applied roofing followed exactly the same principles as pour and roll. In this case, modified bitumen adhesive is put on the felt during manufacture.

When heated on site with a gas torch the modified bitumen pours down the face of the roll to form a small flood of bitumen in front of the roll. The torch on felt is then rolled forward into the flood of hot bitumen. The process is really just another form of pour and roll.

  • The first layer is a 3G perforated layer
  • Felt which is loosed lay onto the primed deck
  • Melt the bitumen by heating on the underside of the membrane from a gas torch
  • Second layer is a sanded  underlay which is torch on and bonded to the 1st layer
  • The third (top) layer is a fire rated polyester based mineral cap sheet, which is available in various colours.

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